Endzone Badge
  • Earned by Creating and sharing an Enzone Play.
  • Can be earned 10 time(s).
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Related Plays
Endzone Offense - Cornered
EndZone 1 17 views

endzone iso with handler trapped on sideline. Middle handle, iso, and back corner make cuts filling each others locations.

Endzone Iso - Centered
EndZone 1 12 views

Ideal cuts/movement from an endzone set with centered disc

Up-dump transition to endzone iso
EndZone 2 13 views

One way the blue team can transition from up-dump to endzone iso. Imagine player 2 just completed a pass to player 1.

Heros Endzone
EndZone 0 29 views

This is our basic endzone play. We will be more creative later in the season, but when you hear "Endzone", get into this.

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