Conehead Badge
  • Earned by Creating a play categorized under Drills.
  • Can be earned 10 time(s).
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Serpentine come-to confusion
Drills 0 28 views

Serpentine with a small twist. Cut back at the end; two throwers, cutter doesn't know which will actually throw. Simulates game situations where you c...

Handler Flow vs. 3M Zone
Drills 1 43 views

This is simulated Handler flow against a 3- man(or any) Zone. Middle handler is given two options.

HO Handler Weave
Drills 1 31 views

This is a drill on working to get the disc off the sideline to the middle handler in the Ho Stack.

Ladder continuation drill
Drills 0 46 views

a large continuation drill

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