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About Us

Andre Liem


Andre started Playspedia after running the website for years and realizing there was not an easy way for athletes to share plays with each other. So, it was in early 2011 that development began on Playspedia and this site was created. As co-founder, Andre is primarily involved in the technical & product development of Playspedia.

Adrian Liem


Adrian helped start Playspedia after being involved as an editor for the With years of experience as a player, captain, and coach, Adrian quickly recognized the value in providing visual ways for players to learn the game. As co-founder, Adrian is involved in community management, product development, and roadmapping for Playspedia.


Initial front end development was provided by Maxime Parmentier.

Eduardo de La Rocque advised and provided design assistance early on.

The front end development of this site was built using Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome.